HP ThinPro 4.4 Released

Ever since I started purchasing HP t510 thin clients which had shipped with ThinPro 4.3.1 and 4.3.2, we’ve had intermittent errors on startup where it would report that a display server failed to start and it would ask it you wanted to update the configuration or some-such nonsense. It would happen on perhaps 1 out […]

Windows Server 2012 R2 Upgrade Warning

If you have any Windows Server 2012 servers that you’re considering upgrading to Windows Server 2012 R2, there is one “gotcha” that can really bite you if you’re not careful. Specifically, if you have any NIC teams configured, they will NOT be preserved through the upgrade process. According to Jeffrey Tippet at Microsoft… Windows does […]

Idea: Hijack PIN Number for Debit Cards

I happened to walk through the living room while my wife was watching Southland so I stopped to take a break. In this episode a couple of cops get taken hostage by a couple of bad guys. These bad guys need some money so they take the cop’s wallets and ask them for the PIN […]

Now at the HuB

Now at the HuB

I’m pleased to announce that I have moved my humble operation into an office at the HuB in Sarasota. The HuB is described as a “creative and collaborative space and community where entrepreneurs come together to develop ideas and contribute toward building a new economy and culture”. I’ve been planted in my office for the […]

Following up on Forums

Discussion forums can be great tools for a technologist. If you’ve ever had an obscure error message or a program that just doesn’t work sometimes, chances are you’ve loaded up Google or some other search engine and plugged in that cryptic error code to get more information. Chances are you’re not the first to bump […]